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Biofield Tuning

Biofield Tuning is a preventative health practice that resets the electromagnetic rhythms of the body. Our bodies are the most intelligent instruments we will ever know.  They get out of tune, just like musical instruments and vehicles get out of tune. Bringing a coherent frequency into our biofield gives our body the opportunity to correct and harmonize on its own.

When we give our body the input it needs, an optimal flow of health is readily available- sourced from its own internal system.

Biofield Tuning is a very gentle way of allowing your story to vibrationally unveil itself. We are made of vibrational matter, and this modality realigns, restores and renews the system, with effortless access and adjustment, from the central cause of any issue.

During a tuning session, we discover the full range of vibrational material existing in the body- emotions, as sounds. The tuning fork reveals a full spectrum of underlying frequencies, and reconfigures each, to create balance, peace and space.

Softly, we work through each ‘out of tune’ pattern, allowing for deep discovery and shift, allowing room for freedom, creativity, and joy. This, in turn, activates our own dormant personal power source. This naturally allows each recipient to take ownership of their choices, without emotional interference.

Biofield Tuning will reveal the stories beneath our biology, which may hold out of tune patterns, ready for gentle realignment. It’s a complete ‘tuning’ of the energetic field, from the source of discomfort, disease and disrepair.

Tuning will softly disentangle the stories, and sometimes even move them entirely out of the biofield. The emotional charge, attached to each, can then realign and renew, with ease. Stories often dissipate altogether, allowing us the freedom to write a new story, and invite new energetic experiences in the body.

Patterns that once caused frequent pain and stress naturally come into alignment with this method, creating happiness, empowerment, and vibrancy. It is the ultimate restorative tool, which is non-invasive, gentle, but invites powerful shifts.

Diminishing and resolving the dissonance in our biofield relaxes the nervous system, which helps alleviate conditions such as physical pain, anxiety & depression, adrenal fatigue, digestive issues and trouble sleeping. Biofield Tuning has also had remarkable success in treating PTSD.

***Biofield Tuning is contraindicated for those who are pregnant, under treatment for cancer and those with a pacemaker.

Biofield Tuning Reduces Symptoms Of:

Addictive Behaviors
Adrenal Disorders
Autoimmune Disorders
Chronic Fatigue
Chronic Pain
Creative Blocks

Digestive Issues
Fears and Phobias

Low Energy
Menstrual Issues
Panic Attacks
Relationship Issues

Relationship Issues
Scar Tissue
Stress and Anxiety
Trouble With Decision Making

About Jayme

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology
California State University, Fullerton
The field of psychology was the foundation of what started my quest to being of service as a healer. After receiving my degree, my focus has expanded into a growing interest and several years of research on the topics of quantum physics, energy healing, and vibrational medicine.

Biofield Tuning Practitioner
Advanced Level IV, Eileen McKusick
The moment that I learned about Biofield Tuning I knew within the depth of my being that not only was this the perfect modality for me to master, it was also the future of preventative healthcare. The progress achieved by using vibrational frequencies is nothing short of mind-blowing. Through the paired use of sound vibration and holding sacred space, massive energetic shifts occur, and clients walk away feeling brand new.

Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner
CST2, Upledger
Craniosacral Therapy, often referred to as “compassion through touch”, is a form of bodywork or alternative therapy that uses gentle touch to palpate the craniosacral rhythm, assisting the body’s nervous system to come back into balance.

Jayme’s Mission

It is my mission through the creation of Sacred Vibrational Therapy, to hold sacred space and to guide each individual on their journey toward personal freedom, knowing that with each step we take toward our personal freedom, we get one step closer toward freedom for humanity.

  • Freedom to be our authentic selves, without self judgement or fear of judgement from others.
  • Freedom to become the master creators of our life.
  • Freedom to wake up each morning and pursue our wildest dreams.
  • Freedom to speak and express all truths from our heart.
  • Freedom to feel gratitude in each present moment.
  • Freedom to explore, move and transform all that we hold within.
  • Freedom to align the essence of our being to the vibration of love.

How Distant Sessions Work

Written by Eileen Mckusick

As people are finding themselves at home, more and more people are asking me HOW exactly distance Biofield Tuning sessions actually work.

Let me preface my explanation with the fact that I did not believe it was possible to do Biofield Tuning at a distance and I, quite honestly, scoffed arrogantly at the very thought of it, like many or even most people do.

Until a colleague of mine who is an MD twisted my arm and made me try to do one for him. I was in my office in Vermont, he was in his office in California, and we had no open line of communication between us.

I was extremely skeptical but I approached the table pretending he was actually there and much to my amazement, the same vibrational pattern that I had learned to read around human bodies, showed up as if he was actually there.

I went through his whole field, listening closely, taking notes, and then got on the phone with him when I was done and relayed what I had found and worked with.

I correctly identified the organs he was having issues with, the locations of inflammation, ages where he experienced high stress, described the personality of his mother and the quality of their relationship, an age he had been sick as a child, and more. And he reported that he felt quite different when we were done.

So – even without believing in it, I was able to conduct a Biofield Tuning session over an empty table with someone 3000 miles away as effectively as if he had been in the room with me.

Naturally, the question was, how?

The answer I have come to after many years of study is that the simplest answer is “resonance in the aether”. The trouble is, that most people don’t know what the aether is or what resonance in it means.

There is a big paradigm gap here! People want to know the “science” behind why it works, but there is no official science. According to official science, we are peddling snake oil when we say we can do this at a distance.

However, this hypothesis has been tested countless times by thousands of people over the last decade and always yields the same result – the same information that is accessible when the client is there is also accessible when the client is not there.

People who experience distance sessions describe the same state changes described by people who experience in person sessions.

Therefore, there must be a law of nature that governs it, even if there is no law of current “science for the masses” that explains it.

And to me, that law is that all of nature, the universe and creation is one unbroken, unified field of light, and that this field is holographic – meaning information present in one place is present everywhere else, and with intention, just like picking a book off a library shelf, I can pick the file that is you out of the aether and place it on my table to read.

The aether is the same as the Akasha, or Akashic record – it is the “cloud” that records every keystroke that ever is was or will ever be, which means this information is accessible to anyone who knows how to tune into it.

It is also the same thing as the Zero-point field, the Planck field, the Higgs field, the Source field or simply, the field – but I choose to use the classical term of aether to describe it.

This unified field that gives rise to the world we see around us not only explains distance healing but remote viewing and a whole host of other “pseudoscientific” capabilities that humans have, that official science tries very hard to dismiss, despite huge amounts of data demonstrating that there is in fact, a natural law at work here.

To understand how distance healing works means to understand the essential oneness of everything – it means moving beyond the illusion of separation that many of us are living under, and grasping that we are all part of the same unified soup of vibrating electricity in the infinite field of the electromagnetic spectrum. And that we can connect instantaneously through resonance in this field.

For more information, please watch the following videos: